A modern intranet: connecting people to people?

Today I read “Will Intranets Disappear With the Rise of the Bots?“. The author writes about how “old” intranet were all about one-way communication and providing essential content. But: “Intranets designed and built around document libraries, one-way communications and links to deeper knowledge are no longer the proud, highly esteemed centerpieces of old“. According to […]

Unstructured data is still growing; Search technology alone is not the solution

Today I received an e-mail from Computerworld about IBM Watson and “How to Put Watson to Work for Powerful Information and Insights”.  It’s a Whitepaper with info on IBM Watson Explorer (IBM rebranded all their products that have something to do with search and text-analytics with the prefix “Watson”). One of the first things mentioned in […]

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Open source search thriving on Google Search Appliance withdrawal?

Last week I had my first my first encounter with a potential client that changed their policy on open source search because of a recent event. They were in the middle of a RFI (request for information) to see what options there are for their demands regarding enterprise search, when Google announced the end-of-life for […]

Enterprise Search vs. E-Discovery from a solution point of view

Last week I was invited for an “Expert meeting E-Discovery”. I’ve been in the search business for many years and I regularly encounter the concept and practice for “E-discovery” as well as “Enterprise search” (and E-commerce search, and Search Based Application etc.). So I decided to get some information about what people think about the […]

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Enterprise search or Search Based Applications or… a vision?

Reading the article on cmswire “Enterprise search is bringing me down” by Martin White I also wonder why companies acknowledge that they have much informations (forgive me the term, but what can you make of the combination of “documents”, “databases”, “records”, “intranets”, “webpages”, “products”, “people cards” etc. … yep “informations”) spread around that they see […]

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Replacing a search appliance with… a search appliance?

With the news on the Google Search Appliance leaving the stage of (Enterprise) search solutions – of which there is still no record on the official Google for Work Blog – there are a couple of companies that are willing to fill the “gap”. I think that a lot of people out there think that […]

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Goodbye Google Search Appliance, we are going to the cloud!

The History It was the year 2005 when Google decided that they could use their superior search to make information in enterprises/behind the firewall searchable. That year Google released the Google Mini. A cute little blue server, pre-installed with the software from Google. The Mini could index up to 300.000 documents. The functionality was limited, […]

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Enterprise Search – Geschiedenis herhaalt zich

Twee decennia geleden was er een grote aanbieder van zoekoplossingen voor bedrijven: Verity. Verity leverde een oplossing voor het doorzoekbaar én vindbaar maken van álle informatie binnen een organisatie, onafhankelijk van welke bron dan ook. Deze oplossing is ook bekend onder de noemer “Enterprise Search”. Autonomy heeft Verity begin jaren “00” overgenomen en enkele jaren […]

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Enterprise Search adoptie wordt tegengehouden door licentiekosten

In mijn vele jaren als consultant “Enterprise Search Solutions” heb ik vele succesvolle en minder succesvolle implementaties mee mogen maken. Let wel, ik heb het hier over echte “enterprise search” oplossingen: Doorzoek- en bruikbaar maken van alle binnen een organisatie aanwezige informatie voor alle medewerkers: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enterprise_search Het gaat hier dus niet om specifieke search oplossingen […]

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Simpele dingen die we kunnen doen om “Tacit” knowlegde inzichtelijk te maken (Engels)

One Common Model Different authors have come back to a general concept along these lines: Instill a knowledge vision Manage the conversations Mobilize knowledge activists Create the right context for knowledge creation Globalize local knowledge At AnswerHub, we try to work within all these areas on a regular basis, although the idea of “globalizing local […]

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