Forrester recognizes HPE IDOL/Vertica as leader in the latest (2017 Q2) “Cognitive” Search Vendor Evaluation

Last week I received e-mails from vendors like Attivio and Sineque about the latest Forrestor report “The Forrester Wave™: Cognitive Search and Knowledge Discovery Solutions“.

The enterprise search (yes, I still call it that) solutions of those vendors are placed in the “Leaders” quadrant.

Attivio has been around for some years now – about 10 years. Sinequa is bit younger and started to gain traction about 5 years ago. At least, to my knowledge.

What I like is that HPE IDOL/Vertica is placed in the top of the leaders quadrant. It has been there for more than a decade – with a short absence because of the trouble that HPE had in repositioning IDOL after the Autonomy buy.

Some six months ago I started working for a company specialized in implementing HPE (Autonomy) IDOL (KnowledgePlaza) products. Before that (2011-2016) I worked for a company that was mostly busy with the Google Search Appliance. Before that (2006 – 2011) I also worked for a company that mostly did Autonomy IDOL implementations (and before that Verity).

So I’m back in the saddle with HPE IDOL and I must say, that I am still impressed by their offering. It is very complete and has been under development in the last years. Because of the maturaty, it is stable. It’s a complete suite of modules with everything you need to implement a sophisticated Enterprise search environment. A “Swiss army knive” so to speak.

More info at “IDOL Unstructured Data Analytics: Enterprise Search & Knowledge Discovery | Micro Focus“: “Unified machine learning platform for enterprise search and big data analytics – text analytics, speech analytics, image analytics and video analytics.”

Furthermore LucidWorks – with their Fusion offering, based on Solr – is somewhere in the middle of the Forrester wave/quadrant. Watch them because the “Solr on steroids” offering is also very usefull or even needed if you want to implement Solr as an enterprise search solution. Needless to say that my company also uses that product to fullfill “Cognitive Search and Knowlegde Discovery” needs.

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