Definition of “Federated search”

Funny when reading the book of Martin White “Enterprise search – second edition” about “Federated search”. He defines “Federated search” as: …which is an attempt to provide one single search box linked to one single search application that has an index of every single item of information and data that the organization has created. I […]

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Goodbye Google Search Appliance, we are going to the cloud!

The History It was the year 2005 when Google decided that they could use their superior search to make information in enterprises/behind the firewall searchable. That year Google released the Google Mini. A cute little blue server, pre-installed with the software from Google. The Mini could index up to 300.000 documents. The functionality was limited, […]

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Andere koers voor StateOfEnterpriseSearch

Aan het einde van 2015 is de tweede editie van het boek “Enterprise Search” uitgekomen. Dit boek is geschreven door Martin White, een gerespecteerd lid van de enterprise search community, schrijver van boeken over dat onderwerp en begenadigd spreker op vele events wereldwijd. Ik heb af en toe contact met Martin, via twitter, maar ook […]

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